We've prepared a list of frequently asked questions to ensure you will be able to shop with confidence and comfort. If you have questions, which are not presented here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I order items?
You can order online. If you have questions about any particular item, contact us by phone or email.

How long does delivery take?
We try our best to deliver goods as soon as possible, usually it takes between 1-3 weeks, maximum 6 weeks. As all our products come directly from the United States.

What about return policy?
We are very sanguine that you will be happy with your ordered purchase. However, if you change your mind within the first few days after ordering, please make sure that you cancel your purchase ASAP (wihin the first few days), before your order is sent to manufacturers. As most of our products are "made to order".

What cities do you deliver to?
We deliver our products to all cities throughout the United States, UK Mainland, and some European countries.

What about assembling?
Most of our items delivered flat-packed, in order to avoid any damages. You can request assembling from us in zone M 25, for an extra fee. Otherwise you can get someone to assemble for you near your location.

How different are you from competitors?
We offer FREE delivery, FREE help with interior design (for more info contact our office) and VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES, as our main aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction.