KA1760 LAGERFELD - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1760 LAGERFELD - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1760 LAGERFELD - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1760 LAGERFELD - Alan Mizrahi Lighting


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The Sputnik 1 was a Soviet satellite, and one of the first objects launched into space. When it launched, it captured the imagination or a generation and inspired the space-minded art and design of the Atomic Age to create the chandelier. Famous for their sunburst silhouette, pieces like this wash any room in light while delivering plenty of mid-century style. Attract attention, provoke emotion to the imagination with games of light and matter. Such as the ambition and creative spark of the “Lagerfeld Chandelier” style. This one of a kind lighting fixture will bring light and modern design to any space. Since each chandelier is made to order, you can specify the colors and shapes that go into each piece. This design is extremely versatile to fit any space and décor.  All aspects can be customized- hardware finish, dimension (including dramatic overall heights), and the most current LED illumination options. In our continuing search for new discoveries, we often come in contact with original designers. That leads up to a continuing expansion of our stock. Still keeping the same goal in mind: to offer a vast choice, unique, decorative and stylish.
Collection:  Murano
Size:  60” Width x 60” Length x 60” Height (Custom sizes also available)
Extension:  Cable Length up to 48 inches
Shape:  Chandeliers
Frame Finish: Brushed Gold (Different finish options available at no additional cost)
Materials:  Brass, ​Hand Blown Murano Glass
Weight: 50 lbs.
Bulbs:  LED Bulbs
Certification Approved: UL-CE-EU
Assembly:  Fully assembled
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes
Shipping: LTL
Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total
Regular Lead Time: 6-10 Weeks
Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes replacement parts)
Return Policy: No returns, but we offer a 30-day exchange policy.
Size Price
18” Width x 18” Length x 18” Height $1,310.00
24” Width x 24” Length x 24” Height $1,772.00
30” Width x 30” Length x 30” Height $2,203.00
36” Width x 36” Length x 36” Height $2,722.00
42” Width x 42” Length x 42” Height $3,775.00
51” Width x 51” Length x 51” Height $4,441,00
60” Width x 60” Length x 60” Height $5,832.00 (as shown)
69” Width x 69” Length x 69” Height $6,915.00
78” Width x 78” Length x 78” Height $7,687.00                                             
Custom Sizes, Finishes, Colors, Available Upon Request