KA1819 SALAZAR SQUARE - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1819 SALAZAR SQUARE - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1819 SALAZAR SQUARE - Alan Mizrahi Lighting


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These small thick crystal pieces focus on the way glass forms and celebrates the difference between one other. Unique light refractions animate any surface nearby. Extremely hot molten glass is manipulated by hand to create ridges and valleys. No molds are used and each piece is unique. The result of this outstanding creation is a functional chandelier that emits sculptural shapes. We really like to play with light and shadow to create an atmosphere within an interior space. All chandeliers can be customized by number of lights, style, colors and sizes to meet your specific needs. These unique shapes and colors can be only created using traditional hand-blown glass techniques. Birthed from the distinct design wardrobe of Alan Mizrahi Lighting, this piece promises to deliver only the highest standard in design and materials.



Collection:  Contemporary

Size: 30” Length x 30” Width x 50” Height (Custom sizes also available)

Extension: Adjustable cables customizable up to 12 ft

Shape: Square Canopy

Frame Finish: Stainless Steel (Different finish options available at no additional cost)

Materials: Steel, Sculpted Glass

Weight: 60 lbs

Bulbs: 20 L - 75w max LED alternative available

Assembly: Each piece comes with easy to understand assembly instructions for your convenience.

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Shipping: LTL

Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total

Regular Lead Time: 6-10 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes replacement parts)

Return Policy: No returns, but we offer a 30-day exchange policy.



Size: Price:
19” Length x 19” Width x 30” Height (16 light) $3,355.00                        
24” Length x 24” Width x 40” Height (20 light) $4,280.00
30” Length x 30” Width x 50” Height (22 light) $5.633.00
36” Length x 36” Width x 60” Height (24 light) $6,705.00
42” Length x 42” Width x 70” Height (28 light) $8,622.00

Custom Sizes, Finishes, Colors Available Upon Request