KA1943 LIGHT RING - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1943 LIGHT RING - Alan Mizrahi Lighting
KA1943 LIGHT RING - Alan Mizrahi Lighting


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KA1943 Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal



The Light Ring light pendant in oil rubbed bronze enhances the beauty of your home with ample light and style to match today's trends. Pendant energy saving led (energy efficiency index A) lamp with warm light, formed rings of various sizes and types of illumination; incorporating transformers in the ceiling rosette, low voltage power supply to the rings through the suspension cables. The key to an elegant, opulent, bespoke design is understanding the aspirations of the client, the relevance of location, and maximizing the potential of existing elements in the space. A luxurious chandelier that provides a soft and warm light through its layers, giving a romantic ambiance to any setting.



Collection:  Modern

Size: 24" / 38" / 55" x 70" Adjustable (Custom sizes also available)

Extension:  Adjustable rod for a customizable length up to 12 ft.

Shape: Ring

Frame Finish: Burnished Brass (Different finish options available at no additional cost)

Materials: Brass

Weight: 132 lbs

Bulbs: 30W 2268Lm 3000K

Assembly: Fully Assembled

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Optional

Shipping: LTL

Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total

Regular Lead Time: 6-10 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes replacement parts)



Size -Per Ring Price:
20” Length x 20” Width x 70” Height $1,510.00
24” Length x 24” Width x 70” Height $2,170.00
28” Length x 28” Width x 70” Height $2,562.00
38” Length x 38” Width x 70” Height $3,207.00
48” Length x 48” Width x 70” Height $4,624.00
55” Length x 55” Width x 70” Height $5,496.00
62” Length x 62” Width x 70” Height $5,882.00
70” Length x 70” Width x 70” Height $7,294.00
86” Length x 86” Width x 70” Height $8,078.00
110” Length x 110” Width x 70” Height $9,934.00

Custom Sizes, Finishes, Colors Available Upon Request

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